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Julio C. Roman (he, him, his) 

Award-Winning Queer Activist, Social and Cultural Commentator. 

Julio C. Roman is the author of the successful book" OUT OF SPACE: Creating Safe Spaces in Unlikely Places", and the founder of Organizing Unique Transformations, OUT a social impact company that advises organizations and leaders on how to create a motivating, creative and inclusive environment that increases profit by building a community that changes culture.

Julio C. Roman has dedicated over twenty-four years to creating LGBTQIA+ safe spaces in communities and organizations alike. He has represented the LGBTQIA+ community on Capital Hill, to the US State Department, the World Monetary Fund, and the United Nations. He continues to be featured in Insider NJ's " OUT 100: The LGBT Power List" for his leadership in community organizing and HIV/AIDS work.

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My Story

Julio C. Roman is a queer author and social entrepreneur who embraces his identity and celebrates the uniqueness of his perspective. His story is intriguingly inspiring - a tale of courage, triumph, and resilience. Born in a city where the vibrant foundations were shaken by stereotypical norms, Julio embraced the persona of a colorful outlier.


Queer from an early age, he found solace and catharsis in scribbling words on paper. The words became sentences, sentences bloomed into paragraphs, and before long, Julio was navigating the treacherous and rewarding seas of narrative writing. However, his stories are not the usual fare. They were painted with splashes of queerness, filled with characters that defied societal norms, brimming with brave adventures of love, acceptance, and identity.


His breakout memoir and leadership guide, “Out of Space: Creating Safe Spaces in Unlikely Places, about a queer Puerto Rican teenager coming to terms with his identity and leadership, it resonated with readers around the world, becoming a beacon of hope for many in the LGBTQ+ community. His sincerity and audacity elevated him, drawing out those seeking to read stories that resonated with their own experiences.


For many, Julio C. Roman is more than an author - he is a symbol of courage, a beacon of hope, and an advocate for diversity. He faced every storm, every rejection, every bit of criticism with a heart full of love and a pen that bled truth.


And while some would see his identity as a queer author as a challenge to overcome, too Julio, this is his superpower. His unique perspective allowes him to create narratives that are immersive, empathetic, and beautiful, weaving tales of struggle and triumph, love and loss, fear and courage. It is his identity that makes him who he is, his queerness that gives him a unique lens, and his strength to embrace who he is that makes him a beacon of hope for many.


The story of Julio C. Roman is a celebration of true identity, the might of the written word, and the power of narratives that diverge from the mainstream. It is a testament to the beauty of being different and the courage it takes to proudly showcase it to the world.

Julio's journey began in Newark, where he grew up surrounded by his family, learning valuable lessons from the diverse communities around him. At the young age of twelve, Julio's life was forever changed when he acted as a caretaker for his aunt who was dying of AIDS. This experience forever embedded in him, projected him onto a path to create safe spaces which he has dedicated over 23 years to.


With his extensive experience in HIV/AIDS, LGBTQIA+ public health, safe space design, community engagement, and LGBTQIA+ organizational development, Julio has become a leader in the field of community organizing and HIV/AIDS grassroots initiatives. 


Julio is the founder and CEO of the social impact company, OUT  (Organization Unique Transformations. Julio and his team of superhero experts work to advise organizations and leaders on creating motivating, creative, and inclusive environments that increase profit by building a community that changes culture.


When he's not working, Julio loves to travel, read self-help books, and spend time with his friends and family. He has a passion for mentoring, building highly effective teams, and working with other amazing change agents both in and outside of the LGBTQIA+ social movement.


Overall, Julio's inspiring journey and dedication to creating safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community are a true testament to his unwavering commitment to social justice and equality. Contact Julio's team today to learn more about his work and how you can get involved.

Julio C. Roman is a national Queer speaker,  CEO of Out Agency, and Director of Latinx Gay/Bi Initiatives at The Latino Commission on AIDS. 


Tyra Gardner
Trans Experience Activist & Coach

Working with Julio is a partnership from the very beginning; his real-time & innovative approaches to community mobilization ensures truly engaging & highly impactful community programming. Team empowerment and leadership development is central to his work.


Amistad Aromand
CDC Health Scientist

Julio's approaches to social justice, public health, and project management are in a manner that is thoughtful and full of poignancy. His work is transformational in that his ability to decipher and analyze details results in thoughtful and efficacious outcomes.


La'Nae Grant
Director & LGBTQIA Humanitarian

In the efforts of creating a haven for LGBTQIA+ members, working with Julio Roman has been a great success. As his mission thrives in enforcing the importance of humanity, he also embarks on the principles of uniting the LGBTQIA+ community.


Alison Modica
Gilead Executive Community Liaison

Julio is the ultimate partner in addressing intersectionality and creating authentic, compassionate, safe spaces that allow for meaningful conversations and connections focused on inclusive health and wellness! His peer lead-peer driven model to community engagement & safe space creation is impressive. 


Rafael Cuello
Co-Founder Artfront Galleries

Working with Julio Roman has not only been creatively rewarding but a true lesson on community building and empowerment. He has shared his platform with me, my organization, and many other creatives to expand artistic programming and projects for the LGBTQIA+ community.

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