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Looking for an engaging and knowledgeable speaker to inspire your team or audience? Look no further than Julio Roman, a nationally-recognized queer author and social activist!


Whether you’re in search of a powerful keynote address, a dynamic workshop leader, or a thought-provoking panelist, Julio’s extensive knowledge and captivating delivery will leave your attendees feeling inspired and motivated. 


Julio C Roman - is a compelling and inspiring speaker, whose talks move and challenge his audiences to rethink long-held beliefs and assumptions.


With his extensive knowledge, personal experiences, and passionate delivery, Julio empowers his listeners to take action and make a real difference in the world. He has spoken to companies, organizations, and schools around the country, inspiring positive change in the hearts and minds of his audiences. 


From critical issues surrounding human rights and systemic inequality to the complexities of gender identity and sexual orientation, Julio provides an engaging and insightful perspective that sparks deep conversation and transformational growth.

Julio has the unique ability to dive deep into complex issues and translate them into an engaging, informative, and transformative experience for your audience.

So if you’re looking for a speaker who can challenge, inform, and inspire your team or audience, Julio C Roman is your man. His captivating speeches cut through the noise, leaving a powerful and lasting impression on everyone he speaks to.

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