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How do you create safe spaces in our rapidly changing world?

I’m Julio Roman,  a conscious leadership and safe space expert with decades of experience helping leaders and organizations build healthy, inclusive cultures. Let’s create space spaces together.  

Julio Roman Book cover

Conscious Leadership is a style of leadership that emphasizes self-awareness, mindfulness, compassion, and ethical responsibility. It involves leaders being deeply aware of their actions, their impact on others, and the broader environment. This approach to leadership is grounded in understanding the interconnectedness of people and organizations leading in a way that honors this interconnectedness. Conscious leadership create safe spaces by fostering an environment of trust, respect and inclusivity. Where collaboration and growth thrive. This approach not only benefits individuals within the organization but also contributes to a more compassionate and sustainable world.

The Five Dimensions Of Safe Space  Leadership 

The conscious leaders approach to safe spaces 

Understand Yourself: 

Deeply recognize your unique abilities and areas for growth. Utilize your strengths and power to lead deliberately and with clear purpose.

Express Your Authenticity:  

Tune into your internal voice and convey your thoughts genuinely and purposefully. Harmonize your thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds to make a meaningful difference.

Cultivate Compassion:  

Offer kindness and understanding to those who need it, fostering robust and enduring connections. Commit to inspiring love and leading with heartfelt compassion.

Broaden Your Awareness:  

Seize every chance to grow and enhance your perception of the world. Expand your awareness to become a more insightful and mindful leader.

Embrace Your Expertise:  

Celebrate and refine your skills and abilities, achieving excellence and unleashing your leadership potential. Now is the moment to lead with your best qualities and drive impactful change.


Julio C. Roman is the author of the best selling book"OUT OF SPACE: Creating Safe Spaces in Unlikely Places", and the founder and CEO of Organizing. Unique. Transformations, OUT Agency a social impact company that partners with organizations and leaders to create a conscious and inclusive workplace where collaboration and growth thrive.

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Julio has dedicated over twenty-three years to creating LGBTQIA+ safe spaces. He has  represented the LGBTQIA+ community on Capital Hill, to the US State Department, to the World Monetary Fund, and to the United Nations. He Continues to be featured in Insider NJ's " OUT 100: The LGBT Power List" for his leadership in community organizing and HIV/AIDS work.

Be the Safe Space you want to see in the World!

Link to Julio C Roman Book Out of Space on Amzaon

"Safe spaces can no longer be bound and limited to physical locations, but they must be found and created in each of us, allowing us to transcend the limitations of walls, rooms, and buildings."

Julio C Roman Book Cover


Safe Spaces begin within. 

Out of Space Launch Video  


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