“OUT OF SPACE” chronicles his journey from “outreach” to “safe space creator.” His ability to build bridges with colleagues all along the HIV spectrum is legendary.”

Gary Paul Wright – Executive Director   – African American Office of Gay Concerns

“Julio Roman mission thrives in creating safe spaces & enforcing the importance of humanity, he also embarks on the principles of uniting the LGBTQIA+ community as a norm in all aspects of today’s society.”


La'Nae Grant – Director of Translink & LGBTQIA+ Humanitarian

“Julio's approaches to social justice, public health, and project management are in a manner that is thoughtful and full of poignancy. His work is transformational in that his ability to decipher and analyze details results in thoughtful and efficacious outcomes.”


Amistad Armand -Center for Diease Control 

 Health Scientist  

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"I have learned one very important thing about survival and the world we live in today. Safe spaces can no longer be bound and limited to physical locations, but they must be found and created in each of us, allowing us to transcend the limitations of walls, rooms, and buildings. We do this by actively representing acceptance, kindness, compassion, and displaying the courage to speak up and advocate against the inhumanity and injustices toward LGBTQIA+ people in every space we occupy"

Are you a safe space?


Julio Roman’s groundbreaking memoir and leadership guide for LGBTQIA+ advocates suggests that safe spaces are not rooms with four walls and a door. Space spaces are people—leaders whose values, words, and actions invite and encourage every individual in their presence to express their fully authentic self.


Leaders embody those spaces physically, and they embody them on social media. They create them by sharing the values of worth, acceptance, and self-esteem with every life they touch.

But what happens when our safe spaces are violated?


What happens when the people who represent safety, are taken from us? How do we deal with what we are witnessing, and where do we start picking up the pieces?


By sharing his own poignant struggle to overcome the emotional scars of violence and abuse, Roman demonstrates the critical importance of safe spaces for every marginalized voice.

Whether you’re a young LGBTQIA+ person, a community-based organizer or ally, an LGBTQIA+ rights advocate, a business leader, an HR representative, or anyone else who wants to create a safe space for others, Out of Space can help you learn how to do it—and what being a safe space truly means.


About Author:


Julio Roman has dedicated over twenty-two years to creating LGBTQIA+ safe spaces. He has represented the LGBTQIA+ community on Capitol Hill, to the U.S. State Department, to the World Monetary Fund, and to the United Nations. He continues to be featured in Insider NJ’s “Out 100: The LGBT Power List” for his leadership in community organizing and HIV/AIDS work.


Today, Julio Roman is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OUT Agency, harnessing the power of storytelling, safe spaces, and content creation to Organize Unique Transformations. Learn more at outagency.org.

Safe Space Creator, LGBTQIA+ Rights Advocate & Queer LatinX Voice